GFI System Specular Reverb 2




Due back in stock on 08.01.2018
Item number
GFI System
Effect Type
Housing size
Medium Size
Mono / Stereo
Stereo In, Stereo Out
Bypass Mode
True bypass
Battery powered
Does not run on Battery power
Country of Origin
Made in Indonesia
Also suitable for bass

Frederick Joseph

GFI System Specular Reverb 2

Superb reverb pedal. The best reverb effects pedal i have ever tried or owned. Absolutely amazing Thank you



Fast delivery

Fast delivery, good seller. Thanks!


Very sturdy pedal with beautiful sounds

I recently bought the GFI Specular reverb 2 and must say that I'm delighted with the pedal. It's very well built, sturdy and looks great. I play acoustic guitar and the effect has stereo "ins" and "outs" and sounds excellent over a PA. The amount of effect is variable and can be blended with the dry sound. It's not over powering, unless you want it to be, either way you won't be disappointed with its versatility. I had one minor problem when I put it on my effects board. I use the Boss PCS-20A power cable which doesn't fit securely in the power connector of the pedal, or at least the one I had, the correct connection, which I took from a "Zoom" multi effect pedal is very secure though. This is an excellent pedal which will enhance any guitar or keyboard player's sound. 5 stars!